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Your Home Cold and Flu Remedies, And Our Favorite Soup

Here at, we may write a lot about how to avoid colds, flu and other illnesses, but let's face it - sometimes we still get sick.  To us, there's nothing like a pot of steaming hot chicken soup, filled with garlic, ginger and other healthy ingredients that are known to help fight off the bug and make you feel better.   
Our favorite chicken soup recipe is this one from but we recommend taking it one step farther.  Make some bone broth ahead of time before you start feeling the symptoms.  It's as easy as putting the carcasses of your roasted chicken in a crock pot with water for a couple days and storing it in the freezer.  
We want to hear your favorite chicken soup recipes and other home remedies to both prevent winter illnesses and help alleviate symptoms if they do hit.  Share your ideas in the comments!

State By State Flu Map and Vaccine Efficacy

Nationwide, the flu continues to take it's toll.  Health officials still advise it is not too late to get the vaccine but it is not immediately effective.  In addition to being vaccinated, follow recommended precautions as reported in this USA Today article.

West Virginia, The Flu Is Headed Your Way!

As reported flu cases start to increase in West Virginia, health care professionals say it is not too late to get the flu shot.  While you can still get the flu if you're vaccinated, symptoms of this year's strain can be lessened as can recovery time. 

If you haven't yet been vaccinated or think you may be experiencing the first symptoms, seek help quickly.  Click this helpful link to MedExpress Urgent Care for locations near you.

Deadly Flu Hits The South

Down and out with the flu in Tennessee?  Getting help quickly could be the key to a faster recovery.  Treatment at early onset is key, particularly for infants, children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.   Visit an urgent care center for help as soon as you think you may have the flu.  If you are Tennessee, try Fast Pace Urgent Care.  Visit their site for a list of locations and hours.

From Glowing Toilets to Hot Flash Relief, Check Out These Top Holiday Gifts

Ever Feel Like Someone's Watching You? Well, Netflix Is!

Creepy tweet from Netflix that they're watching us!

This Year's Flu Shot - Only 10% Effective?

How important is getting a flu shot this year if it is possibly only 10% against effective?

Gummy Vitamins, Not Much More Benefit Than Candy

So you've finally gotten in the routine of taking a daily multivitamin.  They're right there on your vanity and they just taste so good that you somewhat look forward to taking them each day.  You're patting yourself on the back for sticking to this healthy routine, and then you read this...

Too Big For A Booster Seat? You Haven't Watched This Video

Most parents are familiar with the battle of getting kids to willingly sit in a car seat much past toddler age.  And most know that keeping up with the constantly changing, state by state laws regarding car seats and the recommendations is pretty frustrating.   If you've been thankful your 10-year old no longer needs to be in a car seat and you don't have that worry, think again.  Watch this video released by Eastern Virginia Medical School.   Warning, it's disturbing.

Sexual Harassment On The Job: Would YOU Report It?

This week, one of the first surveys regarding sexual harassment was conducted since the wave of celebrity accusations began weeks ago.  The survey found that to some degree, attitudes by both men and women fell along party lines, and revealed that recent headlines do not necessarily have men rethinking their workplace behavior.

Holiday Family Time, For Better Or Worse

Norman Rockwell painted the scenario of the perfect American family, gathered together at the holidays and embracing each others company.  But for many, that scenario is merely a myth for magazine covers and scenarios.  Here are a few tips for surviving the holidays with family:

Several days ago we shared a story about David Cassidy's hospitalization.  We are sad to post this follow up story about his death.  RIP, David aka Keith Partridge.

Don't Serve The Griswold Family Turkey By Avoiding These Mistakes

We've all been there.  Admit it, at one point (or three) you forgot to take the bag of "stuff" out before cooking the bird, or left the heat cranked up to the inferno setting a little too long.  Or dreadfully, forgot to thaw the bird!  Be a rock star this Thanksgiving by avoiding these common mistakes.

Charles Manson: Nearly 5 Decades In The Country's Most Expensive Prison Healthcare System

Charles Manson, perhaps the country's most notorious cult leader and murderer, has died at the age of 83 after nearly 5 decades imprisoned in California, a state which spends more money per prisoner than any other US state.  The Pew Charitable Trust recently examined the state of prison healthcare and released this fascinating report.

Could Telemedicine Be The Newer, Better Urgent Care?

With the state of health care being in flux, the boundaries of "traditional" medicine and doctor's office visits are being pushed.  A decade ago, urgent care clinics were still considered somewhat cutting but now face the possibility of losing some of their customers to telemedicine.  While the original telemedicine concept was to provide health care access to people in remote areas, their demographics are rapidly changing. Along with that comes new opportunities for health care providers.
The Benefits of Working Telemedicine

Aaron Hernandez - Did Professional Football Lead To His Death?

Researchers have now revealed that Hernandez's brain showed stage 3 CTE, the most significant degree shown in anyone his age.  Seemingly having everything, talent, wealth and a bright future, does this explain how he turned into a convicted murderer who hanged himself in prison?

Aaron Hernandez - Stage 3 CTE

Importance of A Normal Heart Rate

Your heart rate:  it's a simple number but probably not something you know off the top of your head like your height or weight.  But knowing your heart rate is one key to knowing the overall health of your heart.   Emily Shiffer of explains why.

What Is A Normal Heart Rate - A Men's Health Article