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New Study Reveals Impact of Having Children On Women's Bodies

Graves Disease - What You Want To Know

Wendy Williams has just announced a hiatus from her show, The Wendy Williams Show, because she is suffering from Graves Disease.  But most people don't know much about Graves.  Find out what the symptoms and treatment for it is, and if her 3 week hiatus will be enough.

To Wash Or Not To Wash, That Question Is Answered

A dermatologist explains whether or not you are at a health risk by not washing brand new clothes before wearing them

New Research Reveals Connection Between Fertility and Soda Consumption

New research indicates a connection between soda consumption and fertility.  How much is too much?

A Call For Women To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants To The Gym

Women should stop wearing yoga pants to the gym immediately, at least that's the opinion of one New York Time's writer.

6 Diet Tips to Improve Your Love Life

"Asparagine, an amino acid derived from a varied range of foods — including asparagus, fish and potatoes — could be a key nutrient for a deadly form of breast cancer, a new study suggests."

BCLS/ACLS Guideline Changes - What You Need To Know To Update

Superbowl Cheesesteak Dip- Our Favorite Heart Clogging Recipe for Today

There's healthy living, and then there are Superbowl snacks.  Our absolute favorite recipe is for cheesesteak dip.  Cream cheese, more cheese, beef - oh my!