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Your Home Cold and Flu Remedies, And Our Favorite Soup

Here at, we may write a lot about how to avoid colds, flu and other illnesses, but let's face it - sometimes we still get sick.  To us, there's nothing like a pot of steaming hot chicken soup, filled with garlic, ginger and other healthy ingredients that are known to help fight off the bug and make you feel better.   
Our favorite chicken soup recipe is this one from but we recommend taking it one step farther.  Make some bone broth ahead of time before you start feeling the symptoms.  It's as easy as putting the carcasses of your roasted chicken in a crock pot with water for a couple days and storing it in the freezer.  
We want to hear your favorite chicken soup recipes and other home remedies to both prevent winter illnesses and help alleviate symptoms if they do hit.  Share your ideas in the comments!