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10 Hygiene Habits You Need to Stop NOW

Despite our best intentions to stay healthy, sometimes our well-meaning habits cause more harm than good.  There are ten practices we've become in the habit of that we need to stop doing now!

Ever Feel Like Someone's Watching You? Well, Netflix Is!

Creepy tweet from Netflix that they're watching us!

Gummy Vitamins, Not Much More Benefit Than Candy

So you've finally gotten in the routine of taking a daily multivitamin.  They're right there on your vanity and they just taste so good that you somewhat look forward to taking them each day.  You're patting yourself on the back for sticking to this healthy routine, and then you read this...

Could Telemedicine Be The Newer, Better Urgent Care?

With the state of health care being in flux, the boundaries of "traditional" medicine and doctor's office visits are being pushed.  A decade ago, urgent care clinics were still considered somewhat cutting but now face the possibility of losing some of their customers to telemedicine.  While the original telemedicine concept was to provide health care access to people in remote areas, their demographics are rapidly changing. Along with that comes new opportunities for health care providers.
The Benefits of Working Telemedicine

Aaron Hernandez - Did Professional Football Lead To His Death?

Researchers have now revealed that Hernandez's brain showed stage 3 CTE, the most significant degree shown in anyone his age.  Seemingly having everything, talent, wealth and a bright future, does this explain how he turned into a convicted murderer who hanged himself in prison?

Aaron Hernandez - Stage 3 CTE