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Competitor Vendor Program - Turn In Your Cards!

Did you accidentally certify with the wrong online company? Sadly, this can happen with so many new vendors appearing online.  CPRTrainingFast was the first of it's kind 100% online BCLS, ACLS and PALS company in 2005. 

Let's get you on track to working with the right company, .  We'll even pay you to do it!

Contact our office at 717-342-5749 or  to let us know what vendor your previously used for your certification.  We'll check to see if they are on our accepted vendor list.  We'll request a copy of your certificate, which you can either email or take a picture on your phone and text to us.  Based on the vendor, we'll issue you a promo code of 30-60% to use when you make the switch to

You can find more information on our site at


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