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ACLS and BCLS: What Are They and Who Needs Them

ACLS and BCLS are integral credentials for medical professionals to have. ACLS is short for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, while BCLS is short for Basic Cardiac Life Support. BCLS is also known as BLS, Basic Life Support. It is recommended that doctors are well-versed and certified in both. These certifications prepare trainees for a wide range of heart conditions and complications that are likely to occur in a medical setting. These skills are applicable for resuscitation and cardiac support in hospitals and in the field.  
BCLS is not limited to medical professionals. CPR is a common term for BCLS. The certification is very common, as medical professionals, dentists, first responders, and lifeguards are typically required to be certified to obtain a license to work in their respective fields. 
Being certified in ACLS is more difficult, yet it is recommended for more advanced cardiac life support situations where a higher degree of knowledge is required to properly assess and manage situations.  
Doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are all required to take these courses, for every medical professional must have some level of aptitude in managing common and uncommon cardiac situations in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the patients and victims.  
Common ways to get certified include in-person, live demonstrations, as well as the more time efficient online courses. Online certification is a quick and easy training method. offers ACLS online certificationPALS online certificationand BCLS online certification. Other courses available are online training in the TLSA, NLSP, and MA credentials.  
In addition to offering the courses, offers a wide range of free prep materials, ACLS algorithms, BCLS algorithms, and a number of free practice tests. Upon completion of ACLS online certification, an ACLS card is sent to your home free of charge to prove your certification. The same process occurs for the other credentials offered by the site. offers unlimited retakes on their exams. Additionally, they offer recertification and renewal exams that are shortened, but ensure that the customer’s life support knowledge is up to date.  
Online certification is the best method for certification in ACLS and BCLS as it is quick and easy. These credentials may be completely in a short amount of time within the comfort of your home. The customer also doesn’t have to sit in a crowded classroom where they will not retain the information. Online certification is simple, engaging, and rewarding. The credentials received through online skills training are nationally accepted and will properly prepare customers for any cardiac situation they may encounter.  


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